Exploring the Rustic Charm of Timber Frame Cabins and How to Construct Your Own

timber frame cabin

Learn about the advantages of timber frame cabin construction for your cabin, including cost, durability, and customizability. Timber frame construction is a type of house building that utilizes timber logs to form the home’s structural foundation. It has recently been popularized as an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional stick-built or log homes. Timber frame … Read more

What’s Mobile Home? What Do Mobile Homes Look Like?

mobile homes

Mobile homes have come a long way since their trailer park origins. Most mobile homes are built on steel frames and look like traditional houses from the outside. While mobile homes used to be small and cramped, modern mobile homes can range in size from single-wide (14 feet by 70 feet) to double-wide (20 feet by 80 … Read more

How Much Manufactured Homes? How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

manufactured homes

Manufactured homes, which include A-frame log cabins, are popular choices for those looking to build their own home quickly and affordably. Benefits of manufactured homes include the ability to customize your design with a variety of sizes and shapes available, as well as selecting materials that suit your budget and style. ‘ Additionally, manufactured homes … Read more

What Makes Modular Log Cabins Different From Other Log Cabins?

modular log cabins

Well, modular log cabins are pre-fabricated and constructed in sections that can be transported to the desired location. This is vastly different from traditional log cabins, as modular log cabins are usually made up of several pieces that need to be assembled into a single unit. Modular log homes have many advantages.  Firstly, they can … Read more

Log Cabins 101: What Is The History Of The Log Cabins?

log cabins

Log cabins have been around since the 1800s and have been used for housing, storage, hunting lodges, and even log churches.  Log cabins were popularized by pioneers in the United States who needed homes quickly and could easily construct log cabins with tools readily available in the forest.  The log cabin was also a symbol … Read more

How To Choose The Best Log Cabin Kits Set?

log cabin kits

Log cabin kits have become increasingly popular due to the ease of assembly and relatively low cost.  The log cabin kit you choose will depend on your size, your budget, and any additional features or amenities you may want.  What are log cabin kits? Log cabin kits are pre-cut log homes that come with the … Read more