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Discover an enchanted world of adventure, mystery, and discovery with Log Cabin Books! This unique collection of engaging narratives offers readers a chance to explore far-off lands full of magic and myth. From folk tales to fantasy fiction, Log Cabin Books provides something for everyone who loves great literature. With its captivating stories that will challenge the way you think and open your mind to new perspectives, this is one reading experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Log cabins – the complete guide to building your own log cabin

  • Author: William Anderson
  • Price on Amazon: $12.99
  • Reasons for choosing:

“Log Cabins – The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Log Cabin” is the best log cabin books for anyone who dreams of constructing their own log cabin. Written by experienced craftsmen, this book provides readers with detailed instructions and helpful advice on how to construct their very own log cabin from start to finish.

  1. Readers will be able to learn the necessary materials and tools they need, build a solid foundation, erect walls, install roofing and flooring, insulate the cabin, waterproof it, and even perform routine maintenance.
  2. The guide also provides tips on how to save money when building a log cabin, as well as useful information on design possibilities and features that may be incorporated.
  3. Additionally, the book includes valuable advice on finding the right kind of trees for the construction process (i.e., tall pines or other tall-trunk trees).

With its comprehensive approach and detailed step-by-step instructions, “Log Cabins – The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Log Cabin” is an indispensable resource for any aspiring carpenter or handyman looking to build their very own log cabin with ease.

How to build your dream cabin in the woods: the ultimate guide to building and maintaining a backcountry getaway

  • Author: J. Wayne Fears
  • Price on Amazon: $16.99
  • Reason for choosing

The ultimate guide to building your dream cabin in the woods is here! This comprehensive resource provides readers with step-by-step instructions, photos, blueprints, and diagrams to create the perfect backcountry getaway.

  1. With helpful tips on selecting a site, gathering construction materials, deciding on a design that fits your needs, and managing the property, this book will make the process of creating a cabin easier than ever before.
  2. Furthermore, it includes detailed information about building add-ons such as shooting ranges, an outhouse, or an outside fire ring. For those who want to increase security for their cabin in the woods, this book also provides useful advice.
  3. Additionally, the content of this book goes beyond the construction process and dives into maintenance issues such as dealing with pests, preventing wildfire risks, and more.

All in all, “How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Maintaining a Backcountry Getaway” offers readers everything they need to successfully build their own cabin while also providing general information about keeping it safe and secure over time. This book is perfect for anyone looking to make their dream of owning a cabin in the woods come true!

Cabins: a guide to building your own nature retreat

  • Author: David Stiles
  • Price on Amazon: $19.95
  • Reason for choosing

“Cabins: a guide to building your own nature retreat” is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to build their own cabin. This comprehensive guidebook provides readers with all the information they need to design and build their own cabin.

  1. With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photos, this book will take do-it-yourselfers step-by-step through the entire process of constructing a cabin from beginning to end. From identifying and assessing a suitable site to choosing the best building materials and techniques, and finally furnishing your cozy retreat – this book covers it all.
  2. Readers will be able to take advantage of Cabins’ expert advice on selecting appropriate roofing materials; learning about window types; understanding what type of insulation is needed; determining how much electrical work needs to be done; working out details on the water system; and getting up to speed on heating systems.
  3. Plus, with numerous log cabin designs available, readers can choose the perfect style that fits both their lifestyle and budget.

With this comprehensive guidebook in hand, readers will have everything they need to build their very own nature retreat!

Build your own low-cost log home

  • Author: Roger Hard
  • Price on Amazone: $19.95
  • Reasons for choosing

Build your own low-cost log home by Roger Hard is an essential guide for those looking to construct their own rustic and cozy dwelling without breaking the bank.

  1. In this comprehensive book, readers are provided with detailed advice and step-by-step instructions on every aspect of building a log home. From selecting a site and felling trees to picking the right heating system and maintaining their house for years to come, Hard’s expertise and easy-to-follow diagrams make the process of constructing a log home accessible for even the most novice DIYer.
  2. This invaluable resource also explores the pros and cons of opting for ready-to-build kits, helping readers make an informed decision about which approach best suits their needs.
  3. Whether you wish to build your own cabin in the woods or simply want to appreciate the charm and simplicity that comes with this traditional style of housing, Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home will provide you with all the tools necessary to create your dream home on a budget.

Compact cabins: simple living in 1,000 sqft or less

  • Author: Gerald Rowan
  • Price on Amazone: $15.29
  • Reasons for choosing

Compact cabins: simple living in 1,000 sqft or less by Gerald Rowan” is the perfect book for anyone looking to build a small but functional living space.

  1. Whether you’re looking to place it in the woods, on a mountaintop, or at the water’s edge, this book provides 62 designs of creative and efficient buildings that are easily customizable with cost-effective, low-maintenance materials.
  2. Not only do these plans cover the basics of construction and design, but they also provide detailed floor plans with plenty of modular elements that enable readers to adapt them as needed – making them ideal for any type of project.
  3. Readers can expect to find tips on energy footprints and efficient living as well as a selection of materials suited to any budget. This novel also contains ideas for furniture and decorating too!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to create a compact cabin that is both stylish and functional, this book provides the perfect solution.

How to build and furnish a log cabin

  • Author: W. Ben Hunt
  • Price on Amazone: $12.43
  • Reasons for choosing

If you are finding a book on how to build a log cabin – this book is for you. “How to build and furnish a log cabin” is an essential read for those looking to build their own log cabin, or simply gain insights into rustic construction and design. Written by W. Ben Hunt, the book is a compilation of two of his out-of-print classics: Building a Log Cabin (1947) and Rustic Construction (1939).

  1. This reprint preserves the exact format of the original editions and contains all illustrations, making it a valuable resource for those interested in historic cabin-building techniques.
  2. Readers can also benefit from Hunt’s expertise on the crafts of the Plains and Woodland Indians, as he spent his life teaching and lecturing on these topics.

Whether you’re considering building your own log cabin or just want to learn more about crafting with natural materials, this book provides all the information you need to get started.

Log construction manual: the ultimate guide to building handcrafted log homes

  • Author: Robert Wood Chambers
  • Price on Amazone: $25.98
  • Reasons for choosing

Log construction manual: the ultimate guide to building handcrafted log homes is the definitive guide for anyone wanting to build their own beautiful, handcrafted log home. Written by master carpenter and craftsman Roger Chambers, this book takes readers on an amazing journey through the fundamentals and nuances of log construction.

  1. It offers detailed instructions on how to source and prepare logs, scribe-fitting them to create a unique look that resembles something that grew naturally in nature. This comprehensive guide also covers topics such as insulation and windows, how to construct doors and porches, as well as which tools are most effective for each step of the building process.
  2. With clear illustrations, simple explanations, and helpful tips from someone who has been building log homes for decades, readers will be able to learn everything they need to know in order to successfully undertake their ambitious project.
  3. Whether you’re looking for a new home or trying to renovate your current one with an authentic timber look, Log Construction Manual: The Ultimate Guide to Building Handcrafted Log Homes is the perfect resource!

Back to the cabin: more inspiration for the classic american getaway

  • Author: Dale Mulfinger
  • Price on Amazone: $18.79
  • Reasons for choosing

Back to the cabin: more inspiration for the classic american getaway is a must-have for any cabin enthusiast or aspiring cabin owner. Written by renowned “biologist” Dale Mulfinger, this book serves as an updated sequel to his best-seller, The Cabin.

  1. It features 37 unique cabins that capture the rustic charm and simplicity of classic American getaways. From log cabins to bungalows, readers will find design strategies and ideas for creating their own cozy retreat.
  2. Moreover, it provides insight into how these structures can become more than just practical accommodation but also a source of solace and camaraderie in today’s hi-tech world. This book showcases not only Mulfinger’s experience and expertise but also his passion for celebrating these iconic dwellings.
  3. Readers will have access to detailed diagrams, floor plans, and 3D renderings that make it easy to visualize and customize their own cabin design.
  4. Additionally, they’ll learn practical tips on how to construct a safe structure while still preserving its original character.

With clear step-by-step instructions and inspiring images, Back to the Cabin is an invaluable resource for anyone dreaming of building their own traditional oasis away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

“How-to” Build This Log Cabin for $3,000

  • Author: John McPherson
  • Price on Amazone: $6.00
  • Reasons for choosing

Are you looking to build your own log cabin but are not sure where to start? With How-to build this log cabin for $3,000 by John McPherson, you’ll have a step-by-step guide to building the perfect log cabin. This book is designed with the average person in mind and provides over 300 photographs and several line drawings for easy reference. Furthermore, this book includes a budget of only $3,000 so readers can construct their dream cabin without breaking the bank. 

  1. By using modern tools and common sense solutions, readers will be provided with everything they need to know about constructing a log cabin from start to finish. From cutting the trees in the timber to the final chinking efforts, How-to Build This Log Cabin for $3,000 by John McPherson is an essential tool that will get you up and running on your new project.
  2. You can trust that this book has been written in an easy-to-understand manner so even those with no previous experience building a log cabin can learn what they need quickly and efficiently.

Cabins & cottages: the basics of building a getaway retreat for hunting, camping, and rustic living

  • Author: Skills Institute Press
  • Price on Amazone: $19.99
  • Reasons for choosing

Cabins & cottages: the basics of building a getaway retreat for hunting, camping, and rustic living” is the perfect resource for anyone looking to build their own getaway in the woods or on any remote location. Whether you are an experienced builder or just starting out, this book provides detailed instructions, guidance, and tips on every step of the process – from choosing and clearing a site to add amenities.

  1. With information on creating both A-frame cabins and log cabins with framed roofs, as well as advice on dealing with inclement weather such as high winds, earthquakes, heavy snowfall, and flooding, this guide has everything you need to construct your dream retreat.
  2. Readers will benefit from the wealth of knowledge presented by seasoned professionals who have been building cabins and cottages for years.
  3. This valuable resource also includes helpful illustrations so that readers can more easily follow along.

Written in an approachable style by experts in the field, Cabins & Cottages: The Basics of Building a Getaway Retreat for Hunting, Camping, and Rustic Living offers invaluable advice that will allow readers to build the safe and comfortable cabin they’ve always dreamed of having.

Little book of log cabins: how to build and furnish them

  • Author: William S. Wick
  • Price on Amazon: $4.58
  • Reason for choosing

“Little book of log cabins: how to build and furnish them” is the perfect guidebook of how to build a log cabin book category for any aspiring home craftsman eager to build their own rustic cabin. Written by Alan Wicks, this how-to manual provides simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by detailed diagrams and illustrations, to create a range of unique log structures and furnishings.

  1. From basic lean-tos to more intricate Adirondack cabins, you can follow the clear instructions provided in this book to create the shelter of your dreams.
  2. What’s more, Little Book of Log Cabins also gives readers insight into how to make fireplaces, stairways, and beamed ceilings. For those looking for an inspiring way to get back to nature through building and furnishing their own log cabin from scratch – look no further than Alan Wicks’ Little Book of Log Cabins.

With its practical advice and charming visuals, it offers readers a fun and exciting project that will bring satisfaction for years to come.

The complete guide to log homes: how to buy, build, and maintain your dream home

  • Author: Jeff Cremer
  • Price on Amazone: $16.95
  • Reasons for choosing

This is the ultimate resource for anyone considering taking on the challenge of building a log home. Written by experts Clyde and Jeffrey, the book provides an in-depth overview of the process from start to finish, covering all topics related to selecting, constructing, and maintaining your dream home.

  1. The authors provide guidance on choosing the right style of home to fit your budget and site selection, types of wood used for log cabins, energy efficiency, estimating costs, construction concerns, and much more.
  2. Readers will also find helpful illustrations which detail how each step can be accomplished properly and safely. With this indispensable guide in hand, you will have all the necessary knowledge needed to make an informed decision about buying or building your unique log home.
  3. This invaluable resource will help you create a comfortable and affordable home that fits perfectly into its natural environment.


What type of information can I find in Log Cabin books?

Log Cabin books provide a plethora of information and resources for readers. These books can be invaluable tools for gaining knowledge on topics such as history, politics, and even housekeeping.

Log Cabin books offer readers an insight into the past that isn’t easily accessible in other mediums. They contain detailed accounts of events from the Civil War, along with stories about the everyday lives of settlers, like what they ate and how they made their living.

Additionally, these books are filled with anecdotes from famous figures in American history like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. Furthermore, Log Cabin books also feature scholarly texts that discuss philosophical concepts related to democracy and self-governance, as well as practical advice on issues such as banking, land surveying, farming techniques, and even medicine.

Each book is unique in its content but ultimately provides a wealth of knowledge to anyone who reads it. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge base or merely pass the time engaging in a classic form of entertainment, Log Cabin books provide readers with an interesting experience that can last for hours.

Are these books suitable for beginner builders?

Are these books suitable for beginner builders? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Not only do they provide detailed instructions, illustrations, and tips on a variety of building techniques, but they are also written in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

The authors have gone the extra mile to ensure that all the information is presented in a straightforward, step-by-step manner that allows even novice builders and DIYers to easily follow along. Furthermore, each book contains helpful diagrams and photographs to illustrate certain concepts or techniques, making them invaluable resources for those who want to learn more about building projects.

Additionally, since these books cover everything from basic carpentry to more advanced tasks such as wiring electrical circuits, they are perfect for those who wish to start small and work their way up as their skills improve.

Ultimately, no matter what type of project you are dreaming of tackling – from a simple shed or deck to something more complex – these books provide a great foundation for anyone looking to get into the wonderful world of building.

What is the best book to buy if I am looking to build a log cabin from scratch?

If you are looking for a book to help you build a log cabin from scratch, one of the best options is The Complete Guide to Building Log Homes by Monte Burch. This book contains detailed instructions, step-by-step illustrations, and helpful tips on how to construct a home with logs.

It covers everything from lumber selection and design considerations to the actual process of fabricating and installing the logs. Additionally, it goes into detail about various types of woodworking tools and techniques required for crafting log homes. The author also provides advice on selecting materials that will provide optimum protection against wind, moisture and insect infestations.

Not only does this guide provide valuable information on how to build your own log cabin but it also offers helpful advice on how to maintain your new home over time so you can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

All-in-all, this comprehensive guide is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the knowledge needed to successfully construct their own log cabin from start-to-finish without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality in the process.


If you are looking to start your journey toward building a log cabin of your own, the log cabin books listed here offer invaluable advice and guidance. From choosing the right style for your home to dealing with inclement weather or learning how to construct fireplaces, stairways, and beamed ceilings – these resources provide all the information needed in order to make an informed decision about buying or building a beautiful log cabin.

Whether you’re just beginning on this project or already have some experience under your belt – take some time out today to read up on one of these excellent guides and get started on creating the rustic retreat that you’ve always dreamed of!